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  • Preferred option$49 Starter Package - up to 60 slides
  • Preferred option$200 The Getting Serious Package - up to 250 slides
  • Preferred option$750 The Best Value Package - up to 1000 slides
  • Preferred optionFOR ALL OTHER SCANNING NEEDS contact us through our website scannedandsecure.com.au

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    *This offer for Australian customers only
    *Check the offer meets your needs. Otherwise speak to us at scannedandsecure.com.au and we can find a solution that suits you
    *Slides can be sent in slide boxes or any other suitable container.
    *If you want the order of the slides preserved, please number each slide and and label the front of each container.
    *Client organises the shipping of their slides to our studio
    *Generally, scanning cannot improve the quality of the original image.
    *Whilst extreme care will be taken of your photos/slides, Scanned and Secure, cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur in transit to or from our premises
    *Customers should allow 7-10 work days for jobs to be done from the time it reaches our premises. In practice, turnarounds are much shorter than this.
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    If this box is left unchecked your slides will be scanned at High Res, 3200 ppi (industry standard) and saved as a jpeg file. This is sufficient for most needs, but those looking to archive special slides, or to print to an area A3 and beyond should check this box